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Mult Bulbs Black Garlic From China
Creekbay Black Garlic Fermenter China

CREEKBAY INDUSTRIAL CO; LTD is the earliest black garlic fermenter founder in china since 2008, we are honored to be assigned helping domestic and foreign factories producting black garlic fermenter, until now, CREEKBAY has received many customers recognition, and has 80% of black garlic fermenter market share, such as USA, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, UK, INDIA, VIETNAM, THAILAND, BRAZIL.

What Is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is health food which sweep worldwide and panic buying once listed on the market, brown appearance and black inside after fermentation, no stimulation spicy, savor every swallow with an excellent sweet taste. Name called fermentation black garlic or aged black garlic. Black garlic gets its name from the color, it is the health green food selected top quality fresh garlic fermented several weeks by leading international special creekbay black garlic fermenter.

CREEKBAY BLACK GARLIC preserved intrinsic garlic nutrition and improve health function by creekbay pure naturally fermentation black garlic machine, fermented in the condition of high temperature and high humidity.

  • All creekbay fermenter data accord with black garlic machine standard, custom-made please email to
  • Prized features of black garlic fermenter machine
  • Full automation, save labor costs & time
  • User-friendly design, easy to learn
  • Provide technical support and comprehensive guide, Teach you how to make black garlic
  • Efficient and sustainable, more than 10 years fermenter experiences.
  • 5kgs-1000kgs, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, homemade and factories fermenter machine available.
  • View Creekbay Black Garlic Fermenter Machine Here.
  • Ho to start cooperation

    We offer black garlic wholesale and black garlic fermenter

    1: Email and communicate with us

    2: Visiting our factory, if you do not have time for visiting, we will take video for you or you also can let your agency come here

    3: Reaching agreement and sign business contract

    4: Creekbay will arrange production according to all requirement and design

    For more how to cooperation of black garlic or black garlic fermenter, please email us. Please you also can visit our information click blog to check 1000kgs black garlic fermenting machine data, and different weight of black garlic fermenter contrast, recipes, FAQ ect